Unlocking Secrets to Authentic Happiness

Unlocking Secrets to Authentic Happiness

Among the modern trends of the 21st century, the word Happiness has lost its real meaning.

In olden days, happiness was about being yourself and enjoying little things that came in the way. However, in today’s fast-paced World, it has become closely related to pleasure and Financial Freedom which is the culprit behind most mental illnesses.

The content that we consume constantly remind us to work hard and avoid being left behind. So much so that people are ready to do literally ANYTHING just to become famous.

When Social Media first came into existence, the purpose was entertainment but who would have guessed that one day it would turn into cringe-content hub?

Much of this is happening because most of us are constantly on the run to be like someone else. We don’t believe that we are enough.

In such world, finding the secret to Authentic Happiness is difficult, but not Impossible.

However, the biggest question is, “How on Earth do I find genuine Happiness?!”

In today’s blog post I am going to share exactly that. Here’s an ultimate guide for you to become happier from deep-within and have a Better Life.


Happiness is within You!

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We are born as a bundle of joy but as we grow up, we come across several heart-breaking and disappointing events. These events slowly engulfs our Happiness.

Growing up, we start thinking that perhaps happiness is indeed something rare and unattainable.

But, guess what?

Whether it be happiness, forgiveness, productivity, money or success, what you seek is within you.

All you have to do is believe in yourself!

Pleasure and Happiness are Different

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The basic difference between Pleasure and Happiness is the fact that the former one is felt by our sense organs and the latter has more to do with our choices.

Remember the times when you craved for a food and the desire ceased after eating the dish?

Yeah, this is what we call Pleasure. It is a short-lived emotion.

Happiness isn’t something that simple to cease. The emotions continues for a long time, even after finishing a task.

For Instance, Motivation to work more after getti put in more efforts into work result that you get after hardwork.

Our tribe, is what defines Us.

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It is said that we are the average of 5 people we hang out the most with. So, this does bring justice to the fact that people we hang out with the most matters.

Our families and friends can be a source of Motivation or Breakdown. Needless to say, You should set boundaries with them irrespective of whether they are healthy or not.

It’s upto us to maintain relationship with such people. Just remember that the more toxic people you have in your life, the more disappointed and meaningless the life would seem. So, Cut off all the meaningless Relationships and focus on those that adds value to your life.

CHOOSE to be Happy

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It’s not about how many times we succeed, It’s about how we respond even when we have nothing.

Happiness is an Active Choice and like any other healthy choice, we should choose it over and over again even when we don’t really want to.

Instead of following model who you know make you feel insecure, follow those who genuinely inspire you with their Personality!


Focus on the Present

man practicing meditation on sports mat
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Whether it be getting lost in the past while attending a meeting or getting overwhelmed by the anxiety of exams, we have all been there before.  

And from an honest analysis, I believe that it’s this little habit of ‘not focusing on the present’ that is responsible for ruining our day or an opportunity. 

How to overcome this habit is the question that first comes to our mind. The answer is simple, 


Focusing on our breath helps us gradually gain control of our mind and eventually the decisions that we make. 

And needless to say, healthy decisions turn us into happier beings.

Celebrate little things

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Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our routines and success startegies that we keep going on and on without paying attention to small milestones.

Nothing seems wrong with this habits until we start burning out ourselves.

Instead of looking at milestones merely as an indicator of your Journey’s duration, celebrate your small successes.

Pop a bottle, and give yourself that Amazing Bath that you have been putting off! 💖

Balance between Work and Personal Life

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My first time experience with to-do lists sucked. No matter how less tasks I added to the list, or how much I simplified them. 

I simply couldn’t figure out what was wrong and unsurprisingly, this made me procrastinate even more. 

However, on one fine day, I had my Eureka moment. I realized that I was constantly stuffing my routine with task, task and task. There was no break or recharge time for me. 

And this is one of the most common mistakes that many of us make. We create an unrealistic routine, and overestimate ourselves. 

Thus, ending up procrastinating most of the time.


helmet covered with flowers
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Mindfulness refers to the state of being aware of your environment and oneself.

Imagine a life where everything is going against your favor, yet you don’t lose the peace and joy from your heart. 

You can have that life and do you know what the best part is?

The joy and peace that you are looking for is within you. All you need to do is to attain it by practicing meditation.

Meditation is your safe space where you can observe your thoughts or experiences without any judgments and understand why we act the way we do.

It is a highly powerful tool when used safely and smartly.

Accept who you are

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Not everyone can see their world through the lens of reality. Some view themselves from the glasses of their past mistakes, fears or embarrassments.

Unfortunately, people can get so caught up in their reality that they end up choosing the wrong career or a life partner.

This habit is unhealthy for both you and people around you. So, it is important that you accept who you are.

Accepting and acknowledging your flaws doesn’t mean that you support them. It simply signifies that you are mature enough to accept your shortcomings and improve them.

Discover your Purpose

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Most of the time, the biggest factor that contributes to our success is our life purpose. This is simply because our purpose adds a meaning to our Life.

But, the question is, how do you find your Life Purpose? 

The first step is to not to try too hard and go with the flow.

If you are constantly after discovering your purpose, you may mistake your real purpose with something else.

Instead, go with the flow and try out everything that comes your way. If you enjoy doing something, and think that it can be your passion, then research about it. 

Don’t just read about the career options on the 1st page of google. It’s a terrible way to find your passion. Instead research about successful people and companies in your field of interest. 

Follow what interests you the most and can earn you a decent living at least.

Most importantly, focus only on yourself. Having a purpose is not about earning more than your colleagues and friends, it’s about spending the rest of your life dedicated to something you genuinely love.

So, make wise decisions.

Live in the Moment

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It isn’t easy to live as a mentally healthy person in the 21st century. The credit goes to our busy schedules and lives where we are prone to depression, stress and anxiety.

It sure is difficult but not impossible. When you talk to those 1% of people who have mastered this art, you’ll realize that they seem happy most of the time despite what’s going on in their life.

It’s not that they are resistant to the emotions, but they seem to handle things pretty well.

The secret to achieving such as feat is staying consciously present in the moment. For some, they have been practicing this subconsciously since childhood.

Yet for others, they practiced this habit consciously through meditation. 

Mastering the art of living in the present isn’t easy but it definitely is worth it. 

The best way to get started is by meditation. Eventually, start ignoring the inner voice that freaks you out about the immediate future of the past.

The process would take time, no doubt but it will do wonders for you when you master it.

Gratitude Journaling

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Everyone knows that Gratitude is a good quality, we’ve been reading about it since childhood. 

However, when it comes to applying this positive emotion in our life, we are hesitant. 

Life comes with ups and downs of its own and sometimes trying to see the sun from dark clouds becomes difficult

The happy life that you dream of is within you, all you need to do is attain it. 

And being grateful for everything that you have is the most powerful way to get started. 

Gratitude Journal is a diary or book where you write something positive every single day, no matter how defeated you feel. 

What I love about it is the fact that writing even half a page fills us with happiness and peace.

Be Generous

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Generosity is when we help others by acting selflessly. It is an act of kindness and compassion. 

Though Generosity is about giving others what we have, it paradoxically does more for our well-being.

You never know what the person sitting beside you is going through, so be generous whenever you can because it makes us happier and less lonelier. 

Seeking Discomfort more often

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The day you start becoming uncomfortable with who you are, is the day your growth begins. 

Because if everything was comfortable and easy, there would be no need for a change. And this is why seeking discomfort is actually for you. 

It shortens the bridge between our reality and dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to start climbing buildings like a spiderman and stuff, No. 

I’m talking about taking action on those important activities that you keep delaying. 

As a pro-procrastinator, I get into motion by using the 5 seconds rule, where you count backwards from 5 and as soon as you reach 0, you force yourself to physically move towards what you were about to do.

Set Boundaries with People

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Healthy boundaries = Healthy Mind

When you set boundaries, you create an emotional or physical space for yourself where people cannot interfere with your personal life.

Everyone should practice setting healthy boundaries in their lives. Whether it be their professional, social or personal Life.

Creating such a space with others has several advantages, such as –

  • Good Mental Health
  • Influence other people’s behavior
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Developing Identity
  • Developed Autonomy

A Teacher may set boundaries with her students by not sharing too much about their personal life or not thinking about them while they are not in the professional environment.


Therapists may choose to avoid social interactions with their client to keep their personal and professional life separate.

Learn more about Setting Healthy Boundaries.

Just do you, Stop Comparing

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In today’s digital world where you are exposed to the full display of the world, it can get hard not to compare yourself with others.

Now, asking you to stop comparing is easier said than done because I have been there and I know that the statement never really helps.

However, what does help is creating a system that rules about the chances of comparison. 

Your first step should be to unfollow the accounts or blogs that make you feel insecure and work on yourself.

Create a progress chart or use an app where you can analyze your growth. 

Practice this consistently and trust me, you’ll watch yourself grow into a better person.

Surround yourself with positive people

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When you announce your promotion and your friends don’t seem excited and happy for you, then you have the wrong tribe.

When you surround yourself with the right group of people,

  • Your self-esteem, confidence and overall life improves.
  • You are not scared of being yourself
  • Their past stays in the past
  • They are grateful and avoid gossiping.
  • They tell you when you are going wrong.

People who genuinely love you would always try to encourage you and celebrate your successes.

So, don’t hang onto the toxic people for their love and attention because if they wanted to change, they would have changed.

Connect with Nature

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What’s a better way to refresh than letting yourself immerse into the hands of Mother Nature?

Our sense organs are responsible for the functioning of our body and mind. In fact, according to researchers, Nature helps lower our stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

Children with ADHD who spend more time in nature, develop increased attention span later in their life.

Reminisce over Happy memories

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Happy memories are the key to increased self-esteem because they build our identity and help us battle depression and stress.

You don’t need to have an out-of-earth experience or events to stay happy. All it takes is focusing on the present moment and enjoying the little things.

Don’t hold onto expectations

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Have you ever come across someone who is quick to forgive others, and seems calm and happy despite whatever happens in their Life.

Do you know where the difference lies between those people and us? 

It’s the fact that we try to control situations that we cannot but they control situations that can be controlled.

We can’t control people to remain the same forever, and I mean it both in a positive and negative way. People who are loyal to us today are capable of cheating us tomorrow.

When we keep our hopes high on people we love, we get attached to them. Later, even small changes in their behavior can make us sad and disappointed.

Commit to your Goals

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I started this blog in 2020. However, I couldn’t be consistent with it until the beginning of 2022. The reason being that my primary focus was to get more viewers.

When we focus on the goals rather than the Journey, the process becomes more challenging and complicated.

And when you learn to enjoy the Journey rather than the goal is when you become consistent and eventually achieve your goals.

Stop Procrastinating

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You came home after work with the aim of cleaning your home because it’s been a month since everything is at an unfamiliar place.

And…eh…your home looks like a storehouse.

However, when you return home, Netflix warmly welcomes you and you get lost in it’s world until it is Midnight and you’re super tired.

With the decision of cleaning your space the next, you go to bed.

Sounds familiar? Well, this is what Procrastination is.

We have all procrastinated on something important more than once. Even people who write blogs on productivity are prone to Procrastination 😉

However, if we don’t learn to effectively get rid of this habit, we’ll fall into the trap of feeling guilty and procrastinating even more.

It feeds off our Self-Esteem and lowers our Confidence. And we don’t want that happening, right?

But how do you overcome this vicious habit? 

Read This: 11 proven tips to stop procrastinating once and for all

Don’t be a perfectionist

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Contrary to popular belief, high performance  and perfectionism don’t go hand-in-hand.

High-Performing people aren’t worried about other people’s thoughts about them. They work for their own gratification.

However, Perfectionists are driven by their fear of failure and embarassment.

No matter what they achieve, it’s never good enough or worth celebrating.

Needless to say, Perfectionsim is a toxic habit that ruins mental health in long-term.

Practice Decluttering

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You know what they say, a healthy space is equal to healthy mind. God knows how much of it is true but it seems right.

Decluttering isn’t as difficult as it seems when done right. I recently came across the 5s Technique for cleaning spaces. 

5s is a Japenese method to improve the workplace. It consists of 5 stages – Sorting, Straightening, Shining, Standardizing, and Sustaining.

Sorting is where you sort out necessary and unecessary items. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t been using something since past 1 year, it should be discarded.

Straightening is the step where you organize things to retrieve them easy. Items that are frequently used should be stored in a way that doesn’t hinder the workflow.

Shining refers to mopping and sweeping. You know, to clear off the dust and stuff.

Standardizing is the crucial part of this method. It is about maintaining the cleanliness in a space.

Sustaining is about simply maintaining your space cleanly for a long time. It can’t be practice if you mess up any of the above 4 stages.


woman showing apple and bitten doughnut
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People who seem joyful and genuinely happy most of the time, CHOOSE to be happy. They make conscious efforts to avoid situations that make them sad for little things. 

For instance, If you constantly compare yourself with Influencers and Supermodels, it is obviously going to disappoint you. 


Comparing yourself with your rich friends would obviously make you sad and Jealous.

We often choose to focus on superficial things, but we don’t usually go deeper than the surface. We have a toxic habit of comparing our behind-the-scenes with other people’s highlights.

It’s these small decisions that make us happier. Hope you would choose more positivity.

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