Seeking Discomfort is actually good!

Seeking Discomfort is actually good!

The day you start becoming uncomfortable with who you are, is the day your growth begins.

Because if everything was comfortable and easy, there would be no need for a change, right? 

Usually the situation that we try to avoid the most are the ones that give us the breakthrough. 

However, despite being aware of this fact deep down, we hesitate to leave our comfort zone.

And looking from the evolutionary point of view, we can’t really blame ourselves because that’s how our mind was created.

Why does our mind avoid discomfort?

Humans are driven by 4 factors – Hunger, Thirst, Sex and Pain.

So when we try to do something out of our comfort zone, our brain feels threatened and it tries to stop us by diverting, overwhelming or making us procrastinate.

Thus, successfully managing to keep us within the comfort zone.

Success is about Learning to go hand-in-hand with Discomfort 

Whatever field we choose, it comes with its own difficulties. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom or an independent entrepreneur.

And learning to face these difficulties despite being in pain, is the secret to success.

Learning to Face Discomfort

There are 2 major aspects to overcome discomfort. 

💫 Our Mindset

Mindset is the key to a better Life because the way we perceive a situation paves way for our future.

When a bad situation is viewed with a tinge of positivity, it makes our vision clearer to make decisions.

The best way of improving mindset is by practicing Mindfulness.

Mindfulness begins by sitting in a quiet place and observing the thoughts that come to our mind, with no judgment.

We are basically talking about Meditation.

💫 Taking Action

Taking action requires a lot of conscious efforts on our part and this is what haunts many people.

I prefer using the 5 seconds rule when I feel like procrastinating on an urgent task.

In this rule, you have to count backwards from 5 to 0. As soon as you reach 0, move your body physically.

The reason why this trick works is because it takes our mind 5 seconds to kill an instinct. 

Getting started can be overwhelming, but once you develop the momentum, things go smoothly.

6 responses to “Seeking Discomfort is actually good!”

  1. Ooo, I’ve heard of the 5-second rule from Mel Robbins, who always makes a solid case for it. I don’t really use it though. I think I should try, because knowledge not used is not knowledge at all, am I right? But yeah, seeking discomfort every day is definitely a a great way to live life. Thanks for this post, Julie!

  2. I’m a big fan of taking action to face discomfort- often with my goals it is about putting myself in these challenging situations and facing failure rather than getting the intended result, as long I keep persisting through any mental pain I feel.

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