7 proven tricks to overcome distraction easily!

7 proven tricks to overcome distraction easily!

No matter how much we try, distraction will always find it’s way to us.

But here’s the truth that no one wants to accept. Distraction is a choice. And like any other choice, we have the power to say no to it.

So, when someone says that they frequently get distracted by something, it’s not the distraction that is the root issue, but the lack of self-discipline.

Now, Before you sit to work or study, the most important thing that you need to do first is to sort out your internal emotions, especially if you are going through a dark time. 


Because emotions have the ability to control our mind, and to obstruct our productivity.

Whenever you feel distracted by your emotions, remind yourself that there are things that you cannot control and you have to just let them go.

There’s no point in compelling yourself to go through a painful situation twice, right?

So, Just take a deep breath and let it go.

[Our productivity is greatly influenced by our emotions. If your emotions are not organized, then no matter how many productivity tricks you try, you will get distracted.]

So, let’s roll the introduction and move onto the 7 solid tricks to overcome distraction.  

1. Visualize your life goals

Let me admit this.

There are days when I feel too lazy to write and edit the blogposts but it is my long-term goal that pushes me forward through thick and thin.

If you feel that you have low-key lost the fire that you had in the beginning, then this trick may bring you back on the track.

Visualize your ultimate goal before you settle down to grind. Imagine yourself enjoying all the benefits of achieving your goals.

But, don’t overdo it.

Don’t sit and day-dream all day long. Make sure that your are taking all the practical steps to achieve your goals.

2. Make a distraction-free zone

It just takes one distraction to get you off the track. This is why it is important to have a distraction-free zone.

Working on a couch or bed can be too cozy-cozy and do you know what comes along with coziness?


Find a quiet spot where you can set up your laptop, books and other work materials conviniently. 

Switch off your phone or block the distracting websites and apps.

If you are sitting by the window, don’t get distracted by the people and vehicles passing by. Close the curtains if you find yourself zoning-out frequently.

The bottom line is to not get distracted by the surrounding.

3. Take breaks

On many occasions you might work for long period without breaks in order to utilize the time in the best way possible. 

But this is not good for your brain because it needs time to refresh. 

Just take a 5 minutes break every hour or so and step outside to get some fresh air or you can simply walk around.

The point is, give your brain the time to relax.

4. Monitor whether you zone-out

When you realize that your mind is wandering away or when you feel that you are zoned-out, bring it back and focus.

Practice this often and your brain will eventually learn to focus for longer period of time.

5. Maintain the momentum

If you want to be effective in your work, You need to maintain the momentum.

I love using the Pomodoro Technique to get into momentum.

[Pomodoro technique is the one in which you work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minutes break. After 4 such sessions, take a long break of 20 to 25 minutes.]

You can modify this technique according to your convinience.

For example, You can work for 1.5 hours and take a 5 minutes break or you can work for 40 minutes and then take a break.

It’s upto you.

To avoid breaking the flow, you should

  • Collect all the things you need and keep it in your reach (water bottle, snacks etc.). 
  • Set a working time-frame and treat this time-frame sacredly. 
  • Focus only on your work and if you zone-out bring yourself back to the studies. 
  • Avoid getting up from your place before finishing the time-frame that you set for yourself.

As your brain is still getting used to it, you may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but you will eventually get the hang of it.

6. Practice delayed gratification

Okay guys, this is the crucial part. Stay focused.

Delayed gratification means resisting the temptation of an instant reward in the hope of gaining better long-term reward.

For example, choosing to study for an upcoming exam by resisting the temptation to use the social media.

The best way to develop this habit is by finishing the task 10 minutes after the decided time. 

For instance,

If you set the time limit of 30 minutes per session for work, try to resist the temptation to finish your work for the next 10 minutes. 

That is, try to work for a total of 40 minutes.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to focus for longer time.

7. Get some inspiration

Occasional dose of inspiration is a good way to get you back on the track.

If you urgently need to get something done, but you don’t feel like doing it, watch motivational videos or ‘study/work with me’ videos.

Mind you, I wrote watch not binge.

Watching other people make the best out of their day will motivate you to do the same.

My favorite youtune channels include – Ruby Granger, motivationtostudy and elonproject. [Not sponsored]

Or even better, you can read some quick inspirational quotes.


If you liked this video but are sure that you will fall back into your old ways, the above outlined tricks will be simply be a quick band-aid fix to your problem.

Not being able to focus at all has more to do with the lack of self-discipline.

But don’t worry. Remember, Distraction is mostly a choice.

If you sincerely train yourself to become self-disciplined, you will win 80% of the productivity game.

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