5 Harsh truths that many wish they knew before [Success Edition]

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The first image that comes to our mind while talking about success is that of big shot celebrities and entrepreneurs.

But are they the only ones who make it to the list?

I personally believe that a person should be called successful when they find the thing that makes them happy. It shouldn’t be associated only with the career and financial aspect.

It should be when people find the passion that makes them feel more confident and pushes them to do more.

We all have some kind of talent hidden within us. You just need to recognize yours and analyze how you use it to make this world a better place.

Talking about myself, I feel that am passionate about writing, and reading. Also, I am a Nursing Student. So, I try to make people realize their worth and contribute to this world.

Today, I’d like to share 5 Harsh truths that many wish they knew before. Enjoy reading!

1. Failure is inevitable

A person who tries and fails is a fool for sometime. However, a person who never tries again is a fool forever.

Julie Fernandes

We fear failure not because we are lazy to try again but because of the embarassment that it accompanies. The quote that I mentioned above is inspired by the chinese proverb that says,

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever

This proverb always motivates me to take actions that might result in some degree of embarassment but are beneficial in long term.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourseleves that we are our competition. Comparing other people’s highlight with our behind-the-scenes is self-sabotage.

2. Smart work >>> Hard Work

It is not about how hard you worked to get there, but how you got there.

Julie Fernandes

Smart work combined with hard work outperforms a hard worker. Remember the story of the 2 woodcutters? It’s better to spend 4 hours sharpening your axe before cutting down the trees.

Because at the end, It will not be about how hard you worked to get there, but how you got there.

3. Success is not merely about wealth and fame

Success is more about evolving into a better person than just attaining money, fame and wealth.

Julie Fernandes

I believe that success is more about evolving into a better person than just attaining money, fame and wealth. Associating success only with the financial aspect may help us gain the wealth and riches but it wouldn’t necessarily make us a better person.

Being a better person doesn’t mean that you have to be a people pleaser, ofcourse. Just do you and avoid harming other people’s self-esteem.

Oh, and did you know that people who associate success only with financial aspect are more likely to ruin their personal and social relationships? Read more about it here.

4. Success is influenced by our Mindset

Having a strong head during the journey of success is important because no matter how passionate you are about your goals, sometimes life will knock you off your feet. At such times, it is our mindset that helps us get through.

For instance, sometimes I score less even after studying hard and smart. On such occassions, I feel a little jealous (deep down) of the person who scored better than me.

But, I snap out of that thought immediately by reminding myself that comparing myself with others is a toxic tendency and that I am my only competition.

5. Success doesn’t come easy

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.


There are many productivity gurus and blogs that talk about the shortcuts to success. But the truth is, nothing can replace the work that you NEED to do to achieve success.

In order to score good in exams, you need to put in the efforts to study more and study consistently. There is no easy route to it.

Even people who have overnight success (which is rare) have to put in the work. What no one notices about them is that they were prepared before hand and made the most out of the opportunity they got.

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