30 Days Challenge: 15 Tips for an Improved Life

30 Days Challenge: 15 Tips for an Improved Life

First things first, I am not here to make fake promises on helping you within 21 days because it boils down to your personality.

But if you ask me whether it is possible,

It would say, YES!

With right amount of self-love, forgiveness and patience, you can definitely achieve this feat within 30 days.

The journey is not going to be easy for sure, but it will indeed with worth remembering.

It will shine on you like a battle scar. And who doesn’t life flexing their battle scars?!

In today’s blogpost, I wanna talk about 15 tips that can TRANSFORM your life within a Couple of Weeks.

Let’s get started then,

Learn to Gracefully Speak and Hear ‘NO’

Learning to say ‘NO’ or to hear ‘NO’ is an intimidating task in the beginning but it can do wonder in our Life.

Offcourse, you will feel embarassed to have extended your hand for help and being dismissed.


You may feel guilty about having been asked a favour and rejecting it, but you know what?

It is ESSENTIAL for your Mental Health and to have a healthy relationship with people around you.

If you often find yourself in Unhealthy Relationships, you need to recognize 2 types of personalities in your bond,

– One the person who has difficulty saying ‘NO’

– Secondly, the person who has difficulty hearing ‘NO’

It can be hurtful initially because truth comes with a tinge of rudeness but,

Would it be better to be surrounded with people who backbite or those who are honest and genuine?

Would you rather speak out your heart or live on pleasing everyone upto the point where your life is chaotic?

Honestly, I’d prefer the latter one.

Stop Caring About What Others Think

Whether we get carried away with other people’s opinion or not, says a lot about ourself.

If we constantly keep moving with other people’s opinion, it shows that we are not capable of taking stand for ourselves.

If we constantly give into other people’s wishes and desire, forgetting about ourselves, we are depreciating ourselves.

This Universe (Or God) created us uniquely. Our views are as important as other people’s views because if they weren’t, we would have been created as a Free-willed Organism!

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is mainstream, I agree but there must be a reason behind it’s popularity.

We live in a busy world and people irrespective of their age go through lot of problems and emotional conflicts.

The stress that is built up within us because of this needs to be directed in the right direction because,

It’s not about what happens to Us, It’s about how we Respond to it

And Meditation is the key to guiding this Energy in the right Direction.

If you are a beginner, try using a guided Meditation, it is makes the process easier.

Enjoy your Breaks, Your Way

De-stressing sessions or Breaks should be treated sacredly, atleast that’s what I think.

Because even though it seems insignificant, de-stressing contributes a lot to our overall efficiency.

Choose something that genuinely makes you feel Happy and Energized.

Perhaps you may think that you feel de-stressed by reading books or doing something product.

But deep down you know that subconsciously you are trying to copy your favorite Vlogger and that nothing excites you as much as listening to some EDMs.

The uniqueness of your breaks should not worry you because the point is to Enjoy the Journey of Growth without breaking the consistency.

Try to be a better version of YOURSELF, not someone else.

One Self- Care Activity Everyday

Burning out yourself by focusing only on Productive stuff leads to accumulation of overwhelmed feelings, and it may lead to breakdown.

Self-Care is ESSENTIAL for a healthy lifestyle.

Oh and by the way! My definition of Self-Care is quite different.

It is isn’t confined merely to beauty-routine and fitness, but it also includes avoiding Procrastination, overcoming our discomforts, meditation etc.

Basically, taking care of both Mental Health and Physical Health.

Perhaps it may not be as pleasant as your thought it would be and you may even feel like giving up. Whenever you feel so, just remind yourself that,

You don’t stop giving medicines to your toddler when they are sick, irrespective of whether they like it or not


Because you knew that it is the right thing for your child.

Similarly, you need to take care of yourself and keep doing unpleasant things even when you feel like giving up.

Gratitude Journaling

Though I genuinely enjoy my Journaling sessions, I haven’t particularly tried Gratitude Journaling but there are many who swear on it.

However, from the experience of frequent Journaling, l do think that focusing on positive emotions like gratitude can be life-changing.

*I just got done with my exams so I’m definitely going to try this out from today onwards and give an Update.*

The basic principle behind Gratitude Journaling is that when we Focus on positive emotions, Our Minds start to seek positivity in the environment as well.

Thus, Manifesting Positive Events in Our Life.

Little Discomfort is Good

Comfort zone is when a person wishes to achieve their goals without putting in the work it requires to conquer those goals.

And as unrealistic it sounds, It does us no good.

It’s an amazing concept for people who live in an unrealistic bubble but it definitely not for you, because you aren’t someone with a Limited Mindset.

You are made for something greater than what you are doing right now.

Just do 1 difficult task a day.

You don’t have to hit the gym for 2 hours on the first day itself, Start with baby steps because you know what they say,

Slow and steady wins the Race.

Read One page a Day

Reading one page of a non-fiction book would eventually changes our perspective on lot many aspect of life.

And moreover, isn’t it easy? Just one page a day!

Keep your Space Organized

The place you spend most your time reflects your mental state. If it’s messy and untidy, most likely it’s the same with your Mind.

And this is why whenever I feel Overwhelmed or Anxious, I start organizing my place. This calms me down.

If you have a hard time keeping your space clean, try to immediately keep things back where they belong after use. In long-term this makes us Procrastinate less.

Read one Blog Everyday

Reading a blogpost is quicker than reading a book.

So, if you have a super packed schedule and don’t have time for books, try reading atleast one blogpost a day.

I started doing this a couple of weeks ago and it has definitely Improved me.

You see, each Blog posts vary in the Perspective and Mindset from which they are written. This makes blog post intruiging to read.

Here are some of the amazing blogposts that i enjoy reading regularly:

Mark Manson

Julie Writes


Imagine the Successful future You

One of my favorite self-motivating method is to Imagine where I’d be 3 years or 5 years from now, if I keep the same Schedule.

If the answer is unsatisfactory consecutive number of times , I immediately think of ways of changing the future situation.

Things may not go 100% as planned, but practicing this habit gives a framework to the future for sure.

Cut down your Distraction Time

I have tried most of the distraction methods out there, but to be honest, this tip is the only thing that has helped in long-term.

The key to overcoming distraction is creating a system that includes tasks that align with our long-term goals.

For instance, If you are easily distracted by Youtube videos and shorts, try to engage more with videos that align with your goals.

This way you are decreasing the amount of distraction around you, and make you procrastinate less.

Learn to control your Mind

It’s the most difficult step, but once you master it, there’s nothing that can defeat you.


• Being able to control yourself from getting into pointless and heated arguments.

• Feeling at peace, even when everything around you is chaotic.

• Having a control on when you work and when you chill.

• Having the power to sit and study when you need to with full concentration.

By mastering the art of controlling your mind. And guess what?

You too can achieve this feat.

Set Boundaries

“You should be careful of how much you tolerate because you are teaching others how to treat you.”

It’s natural to feel guilty about refusing a favour to someone or to call out on someone for talking to you the wrong way.

If you can relate to this situation, perhaps you are in an unhealthy relationship and in such relationships there are 2 types of people –

• One who expects you to take reaponsibility for their emotions.

And the other, who takes responsibility for other people’s emotions.

Both these people have self-esteem issues which is probably because their attachment style.

Can you imagine having a life where no-one gets to take advantage of you and where you don’t have to feel sad when someone doesn’t fulfill your wishes?

This is what you get when you set right boundaries for yourself.


There are many people who have benefitted from using planners and to-do list, as it keeps life more organized.

Honestly, I use it to get a momentum while writing or studying perhaps because of my INTP personality but anyways,

It doesn’t work for me but do try it out if it works for you.


Before winding up, I wanna remind you yet again that this Journey takes a lot of Self-Love, Forgiveness and Patience.

It may take you days, weeks or perhaps a couple of months to turn each and every tips into daily habit because it depends on your personality.

However, one thing that I knew for sure is that if you stick with these habits, your life would change for sure!

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